“I kissed him during South Park.”

“Don’t cut wrists and blame me.”

“I learned to see with eyes closed.”

“Everywhere I look are more friends.”

“I find enemies when not looking.”

“My pen’s ink full, words empty.”

“When will I get a job?”

“Technicolor screens eat all my time.”

“Why do art supplies empty wallet?”

“I just busted my wallet today.”

“They took loans, debt for life.”

“Every word thought burns my fingers.”

“Every little kiss makes me smile.”

“Home doesn’t feel like home anymore.”

“Looking forward to days spent here.”

“Six words say so much today.”

“I wish he would ask me.”

“I want to have wild parties.”

“Not looking forward to being 21.”

“He smiles and I shine brighter.”

“Being in love makes others bitter.”

“You cannot stop me from singing.”

“I wish to have exceptional writing.”

“Will I ever be good enough?”

“There is no lie like perfection.”

“Quiet nights make my mind wander.”

“Won’t be sane unless book’s finished.”

“I fell behind, didn’t finish nano.”

“Querk has brought happiness, amusement, inspiration.”

“I didn’t think the pizza was edible.”

“Cafeteria food sucks, order wonton instead.”

“Word wars: a battle of numbers.”

“I could do this all night.”

“Reading manga wastes time. Still fun.”

“Girl’s night on querk. Good memories.”

“Cross-dressing and Rocky Horror? BRILLIANT!”

“Lake-effect is making my toes cold.”

“NEGATIVE six ddxegrees. Really, Jack Frost?”

“Miss high-five, and look really dorky.”

“It is good to be nerdy.”

“Don’t light bonfires on windy days.”

“Watch where stepping, beware of snakes.”

“Good books are better than television.”

“Reality shows kill people’s brain cells.”

“Some people only have their pride.”

“You remembered sledding, but not me.”