Because NaNoWriMo is coming up, and because the chat is active, I wrote a little preview from my upcoming novel. Dunno if I’ll use this exactly in it, and it’s set halfway through, but anyways…

…ruined world. He stares. The second the word was out he knew something would happen, but this – his memory is still hazy on exactly what happened, and he has the feeling he blinked and missed it, but –

There is no world.

There is ruin, spread out before him. There is ruined, rusted metal spread in every direction, grinding together and surging as the water – was the ocean filled with these wrecks – as the water moves and sways with the tides. There is an endless shriek in the air as infinite pieces of metal are ground and dragged against each other, and he covers his ears as he looks. He sees the remnants of a car, of buildings, but Earth never had this much metal, this metal ocean is too vast for everything humanity made to fill it. And yet it’s filled, and if this –

What has he done to the world by giving her that name?