For the prompt of ‘a cat is haunted by a ghost’.

Warning: This is not a nice story. Violence against animals.

It kills the first of them. It croutches over the litter, paw raised, and treats them like mice. Broken backs, strength in its paw, and it spares none. It smiles as it kills.

There’s howling from behind. Angry, loud howling. A paw on its back, teeth in its neck. Growling. It closes its eyes and waits to die, shaking in sudden fear. It knows what is coming.

Abruptly the paw is gone, and it relaxes, expecting it to be over. Wasn’t so bad. It can leave now. But then there is pain in its legs, and it yowls in pain, drags itself away from the litter with broken legs.

It looks back at its attacker, expecting to see a wolf, a dog, a beast with fangs and a paw the size of a mountain, expecting to see what pinned it, but no –

Just the litter’s dam, with death and grief in her eyes.